Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Police get 30% raise

The favorite lede [sic] I've written in a while.


Willows police get 30% raise
By Sam Bhagwat
of The Valley Mirror

Got your down payment ready now, officer?

Willows police and fire personnel will be given a minimum 20 percent raise by this July and another 10 percent raise by next July, in accordance with a resolution approved unanimously Tuesday night by the city council.

“Right now, Willows is 15 percent behind its peers” in wages, said City Manager Steve Holsinger, justifying the increase.

“Thirty percent is a lot on first blush,” council member Vince Holvik said. “And it’s a lot on second blush too.”

But Mr. Holvik praised the plan and its formula for wage increases based on the city’s cost increases, calling Mr. Holsinger “visionary.”

“It’s something that may not be standard now, but may be standard years from now,” he said.

Also at the City Council meeting, Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones presented Willows Police Officer Kelly Meek with an award for her action in stopping a suspicious vehicle. Officer Meek’s actions led to the gathering of important information in a murder case.

Immediately following, a group of citizens were recognized for completing a 14-week training course in police work and situations they face. Among them was Kelly Meek’s husband Jon.

“Jon, I think your wife set the bar a little high,” joked Mayor Jim Yoder.

“If you see a see a suspicious vehicle, call for help,” added Mr. Holvik.

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