Monday, February 04, 2008

a couple shorts

Jan 4 storm ag lossses now $48 mil.
Valley Mirror reports

A tempest in a teapot, the Jan. 4 storm was not.

Almond tree damages from the storm in Glenn County will total around $48 million over the next 10 years, according to a new estimate by Assistant Agricultural Commissioner Jean Miller.

Miller's calculations are not of lost profit, but instead of lost revenue and expenses incurred. They don't factor in savings on now-unneeded costs like picking labor, but take into account the loss of production and additional costs of growing replacement trees until they reach full production.

"You've got to replant the trees, care for the trees," she explained.

About 11 percent of almond trees — one in every nine — were lost in the storm.

Miller gives her estimate a margin of error of $15 million, and says it's still preliminary.
She also estimated damages of citrus trees at around $270,000.


Employment numbers are in for December, and it doesn't look good for Glenn County.

About 160 jobs have disappeared since December 2006, out of a total of around 11,000 in Glenn County. And another 200 people have joined the unemployment rolls.

As a result, the unemployment rate now stands at 9.9 percent. That's far above California's 5.9 percent unemployment rate and more than double the nation's unemployment rate, which is 4.8 percent.

And the only good news on the job front may really be bad news in disguise. While non-government employees were losing their jobs and going on unemployment, the number of government employees actually increased, by 120 people.

Considering civil service firing practices, if the economy doesn't improve, more county employees and fewer taxpayers means a larger tax burden down the road.

Hope you like working at the DMV, anyway.

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