Sunday, March 08, 2009

Chennai, March 4

Got my suitcase, which means that I have a reasonable amount of shirts and other
clothing. It was good but wasn't a huge deal, could manage without it. Took
like three hours to get though, that was a pain.

Things are going well. I am getting the hang of talking to random strangers
more; that is the thing I like doing least. But I know it's one of the most
important things to do so I am learning to like it more.

What else is new. I was with an Indian elder on companionship swap (exchange)
yesterday. That was pretty cool, I learned a lot from him. Also at the end of
the day we had a funny incident where he needed to eat an iddly (he has
gastrointestinal problems) so we took an auto driver around searching for
someplace that served iddlies that was open at 9:20pm. Eventually he got plain

Hmm...I am trying to learn now how to take control of discussions when people
ramble on and on, or if we don't have much time, or so on. Also how to speak
in short sentences. I'm sure my interpersonal skills will be much stronger
when I get back.

There was a former NBA player named Shawn Bradley at church that was
7'6". He made us tall American elders (6'2", 6'5",
5'4") look puny by comparison. Everyone was taking pictures of him.
Maybe I'll bring a camera to church so I can get one. Also a lot of kids
from an orphanage about 2 hours outside of town.

Hmm. I don't have too much more exciting things to report. Lots of being in
packed buses. Lots of learning how to do things. The people we are teaching are
all being taught, and mostly keeping their commitments (eg, come to church when
they say they will, read things when they say they will, pray about it etc). If
people keep failing to keep their commitments even if they are okay with us
visiting we will probably not visit them. That hasn't happened to me yet but
apparently it's hard. Also because usually when you aren't visiting you
are outside in the sun talking to people. And I don't want to be outside in
the sun talking to people even if I know I need to do it. Hence why I want to be
better at it/like it more.

Other than that not much to report. I am generally happy. Things are generally


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Sis. Z said...

Elder Bhagwat,

Br. Z and I think of you. Thank you for keeping us posted on the work you and your companion are doing. I shared your story with my visiting teachers the other day. It is an amazing one. How is it going with the family you are teaching. As you ask for the Lord's help, you, your companion, the family you are teaching and your own family will be blessed.

Sis. Z