Sunday, April 05, 2009

Chennai, March 25

I Am doing pretty well. My companion is going home soon, which makes me sad. He
was in Bangalore for a leaders meeting so I had a new companion for a couple
days. His name is Elder Hunn, he goes to Arizona State and did Academic
Decathlon in high school.

One of the families we’re visiting, we’re trying to help the father quit
smoking. He’s smoked for 20 years and is smoking two packs a day. He’s
planned to quit by April 1, but isn’t making any progress so far (we made a
plan last Thursday and are giving him daily encouragement/follow-up calls).
Tomorrow we will bring a brother that my companion baptized in August, who had
the same problem but was able to stop. I really hope that will help.

We met the family that is being baptized soon twice this week, which was good.
They are sitting together daily as a family, reading material and scriptures
that we gave them, and discussing it! Whenever people make that kind of effort
it warms my heart.

The whole last week we didn’t find any new people to teach and then we found
10 on Sunday. That was pretty funny. Sometimes things work out like that –
it’s up and down often. But a happy ending, this week at least. We had three
really spiritual lessons on Sunday, with was a couple of families and one
engaged couple that will be married in May.

(What makes great lessons are our quality of teaching, whether people who want
to find out for themselves. Ideally they will ask questions but are willing to
listen to our answer and don’t ramble on unrelated topics. Eg, tennis is more
exciting, interesting, and engaging than hitting a ball against the wall. Also
with some people we’ll teach great lessons, but they don’t have any desire
to know if what we are saying is true.)

I counted, and right now we’re regularly teaching about 40 English-speaking
people – mostly Christians – plus a few non-English-speaking family members.
That means most of our evenings will be busy this week.

I’ve been writing down principles I’ve learned in the last six weeks and so
far have about 40, not counting things like “There are some people in Chennai
wearing a lungee who speak English. Probably about 10 - in the whole city.”

The new elder, Elder Naulu, arrived in our apartment. He is half-Tongan and
seems pretty cool. We’ll get to know each other better.

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