Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chennai, May 6

Life over here is pretty well. I am so so so excited to be with Elder Tuscano.
Elder Glade was a great trainer and I learned a lot from Elder Siyyadri but
Elder Tuscano and I are really on the same page and get along so well. Work
hard, walk fast, prepare and plan hard, love the people and never, ever, ever
stop thinking about them, trying to help them, and trying to be a better

A lot of things are going on as usual, but hard to distill it to an e-mail. We
met this wonderful 20yo guy named Joshua who we had two great lessons with, but
who is now going to his native place for two years to study and be with his sick
grandmother. That's probably what's best for him and her, but as I said
to Elder Tuscano walking away from the house, "And sometimes life
sucks." One big thing I'm learning is patience and humility - right now
most of the people we're teaching are progressing, but slowly, so I have to
learn to love them and not get frustrated; we'll go and bring a brother from
church over for a lesson, and all of our time will be taken up in chatting,
which is good but not what we planned, so I must have the humility to
emotionally accept a good result than wasn't because of *my* plan.


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