Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vizag, June 23

Another week in Vizag, and things are starting to settle down.
This wonderful brother named John Prasad that we inherited from the previous missionaries got baptized this Sunday. That was pretty exciting, it was the climax of our week. Right now we’re helping a lot of people dealing with adversity; we seem to be teaching the same lesson over and over again. I’m not that good at being a friend to someone in need. That’s because, I realized, my style of advice is to calmly reason from first principles, instead of giving the direct advice first and the reasoning later, which is what they need. I really feel like I’m growing in empathy though, as well as in ability to give aid. Also – and most importantly – the people we’re teaching are starting to get a handle on their problems.
I don’t have a lot more to say so I’ll include some Telugu phrases I’ve picked up:
Samaselu = problem
Laydu = not there
Chappendee = tell me (command, respectful)
Puchondee = sit down (command, respectful)
Ninchondee = stand up (command, respectfully)
Teravaktha = after/next time
Munchi = good
Challa = Many/very/much
Santosh = Happiness
Pramadamu = Dangerous
For example, the 1.5yo niece of one brother Kiran is challa pramadamu and leaving a home I will point to myself and say challa santoshm, teravaktha. All the aunties love you so much and laugh so much when you talk in Telugu.
Until next week!

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