Sunday, July 05, 2009

Vizag, June 30

I am doing very well. People here are so curious. Basically every male under the age of 16 wants to know where we are from and what we are doing which is pretty funny. (This is less true in Chennai, there are tons of Koreans there and also a decent amount of white people.)
The last couple of days have been pretty neat – we had a conference, and elders came from other parts of Andhra. Two of them stayed in my apartment – Elder Talk, a really cool but quiet Navajo kid who goes to Harvard, and Elder Schellenberg, a brash loud funny hard-working kid from Utah. Then we got to be with them and take them around the area, so I got to meet and learn from someone new, which was really good for me. I always like that. Elder Bartlett and I are becoming a lot more unified and on the same page in everything we do, which is good. (Imagine myself and a clone.) We are visiting and teaching a 12 year old kid who has been coming to church for a couple years, and it’s really fun both teaching him (and learning how to) as well as being in his house and meeting all the neighbours. Other than that we are teaching mainly a very excited 17yo girl who’s been coming to church for a while, and a 28yo guy who was baptized a couple weeks ago, plus a ton of new people (we found 14 new people last week that we are meeting, some of them are really cool, I’ll tell you about them next week.)
Also I had to give a presentation in our weekly meeting about teaching simply, which was interesting. I did a practice where we had to teach using only six-or-less word sentences. I’m decent with doing that but I could stand to improve. Really my brain is slowly starting to produce more understandable output for my mouth, which is nice.
I’m also learning to be better at communicating with others in different locales – in the last two weeks I wrote three letters to families in Chennai. A past version of myself would have simply forgotten about them.
I’m not sure exactly what the temperatures are, with Google Weather you have a better objective idea of them than myself. Elder Bartlett and I are doing well though, we have turned down the AC under the theory that we’ll sweat less if we get used to the heat more and it seems to be working. (Though the current cut today for a couple hours, which happens two or three times a week while we’re at home.)
That’s about all new and exciting on the week. Teravaktha!

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