Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vizag, August 19

Things are as always, moving. Right now we’re spending a lot of time on the streets finding new people to teach, as we’re stopping visiting a lot of the people we’re teaching now. The process is probably pretty similar to picking students to mentor – if they don’t make the effort to try out the things you suggest and look for a change in their lives, project, work, whatever, then you move on and find somebody else, even if they enjoy meeting with you. Anyway, so I’m a bit more tired than usual from walking around the streets all day but happy. We know our area like the back of our hand now.

Also, it’s pretty cool, I am getting to see the results of my effort in such a short time. Now the sister we taught who got baptized is teaching Primary children and one brother we taught who got baptized is teaching the young men and the other one we’re taking with us to help us teach. And the two 13 year old boys we taught who got baptized will be passing the sacrament soon.

It’s an interesting problem actually – once we’re in the same place for a while and see the results of our effort, our next challenge is to avoid complacency and keep working hard.

That’s about it. Life is good. Terawakta, with challa prema,

This is Elder Bhagwat, Elder Tuscano (one of his companions in Chennai), and a young man they taught who was later baptized.

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