Sunday, September 06, 2009

Vizag, September 2

Life’s been really good since last time I e-mailed. The most major development is that I’m getting a new companion – Elder Bartlett is becoming zone leader, which means that he’s responsible for all of us in Vizag, which means he’s shifting across the city to be companions with the other zone leader. His name is Elder Pritchett, everyone tells me he’s a good hardworking smart elder, he’s arriving on Friday from Bangalore, and that’s all I know about him. I will miss Elder Bartlett though, he and I are like the same person except he’s less openly emotional than me.

The rest of the trip in Hyderabad was good. We were going around this place called Charminar and looking around at a lot of really old cool Muslim architecture. Then Elder Bartlett and I went back to Secunderabad with this really cool auto driver – he is a manager at ICICI Bank and drives autos as a “time pass.” So he gave us a partial tour of Hyderabad for meter fare. And he got to test his English on Americans. So all three of us were happy.
The conference there was really good – it was on how to work with members and build trust. He was telling us how things were supposed to be, which they aren’t pretty much anywhere in India. Then he said something really interesting – if we take the things we learn say “well it doesn’t work this way here, Hmmpf,” that was the exactly wrong thing to do – instead we should pick one thing to improve and work on it.

What else is new. One crazy situation is looking way better than we were afraid of, which made my whole week. Another one will probably change for the better or worse really soon, so we’re waiting on it.

Not much is new and exciting. Elder Bartlett and I got like a full week’s work done in three days last week, which was pretty cool. We met a shopkeeper at one of those corner cool drink/snack shops who, to pass the time, does flight booking on a desktop at the shop. It was pretty funny.


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