Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hyderabad, December 1

The last week was good but sadly filled with annoying logistics. Basically because I was running around doing other stuff and because Baba told me not to eat the bread anyway, I ended up not picking up the package on Wednesday, and then I forgot on Thursday and my flight was on Friday morning. Elder Pritchett promised to send it to me (for whatever else you put in there – DVD of the new basement?) and even if he doesn’t throw out the pumpkin bread first I definitely will not eat it now, don’t worry.

Then I got here on Friday, but didn’t unpack because the American couple living here was going home and they wanted us to stay in their apartment until a new senior couple got visas, so we moved there on Tuesday. And on Monday we stayed inside and played chess for the afternoon because there was a strike (which, interestingly, they call a Bund) – apparently Telanganas were mad about educated Andhras and Marathis and Tamils getting preference for jobs over uneducated Telanganas.

So anyway, I’m here in Hyderabad, I really like my companion, Elder Stephen, he’s way hard working and has lots of ideas to do stuff. He lives in Delhi; his father is a copy editor at a publishing firm and he has two older sisters and a girlfriend named Katherine who writes him.

It’s a pretty interesting dynamic; like me, he’s kind of hotheaded and tends to run off and start acting on those ideas without thinking about them/talking to his companion about them first. Basically that was the source of most of my conflict with Elder Pritchett (because I did that), so I have something to learn here. Now since I’m the senior companion, it becomes my responsibility to channel our energy and ideas and enthusiasm into concrete and effective plans and logistics and such. That’s good, it is teaching me not to just run off somewhere with a random idea. And we have pretty open communication. You’ll be interested to know that his first suggestion for me was to go get some new socks, which we will be doing today.

Hyderabad is really cool; we’re basically on the outskirts in a place called Medinaguda. I’m probably going to put on a little bit of weight here; there are tons of church members and they keep inviting us over and stuffing us full with rice and daal and chappati. I’ve already been completely stuffed twice and I’ve only been here four days. Anyway, it’s really good here. I hear a lot of Hindi now, though I also hear that it is junk Hindi (not that I could tell the difference…)

Life is fine here, I’ll tell you more as it goes. Hope all is well!


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