Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hyderabad, January 13

Life is good. Elder Gervais and I are getting along superbly. He like me is very open and easily readable, so we can easily tell what the other person is thinking and come to a consensus, share opinions, come up with ideas.

He’s from Wyoming – Cheyenne. The second person from Wyoming I’ve lived with, I guess. He’s the coolest guy ever, really big but pretty quiet and humble. He used to spend a couple hours in the gym every day.

The initial combination of our styles, expertise, and skills, as witnessed after our weekly planning session on Monday:

Elder Gervais: “I know why I’m exhausted! I thought when I was with you I would learn how to study, but right now my brain is exhausted from you asking me so many questions (about all the people we’ve been planning for). I’m not used to it, bear with me…”
[Elder Bhagwat thinks for a minute]
Elder Bhagwat: “I know why I’m tired during personal study! (8am-9am) I thought when I was with you I would get all big and strong but right now my muscles hurt from these intense morning exercises we’re doing. I’m not used to it either, bear with me…”

Some other highlights from the week:

- We split up on Sunday, went with different church members, and got about as much done as the standard for an entire week. That was pretty cool.

- My morning diet is generally a baked cheese sandwich (we have a toaster/oven), two fried eggs, and the key ingredient – lots and lots of oregano.

- An ongoing amusing drama with a sister named Lavanya. She’s like 30 but lives on her own and has a really good job. (As you know, pretty atypical for India). When Elder Gervais talked to her first, this was the conversation opening (verbatim):
Him: “Sister, we’re coming from church. We’re sharing a message about families-”
Her: “Well, I’m single. I live alone. What’s the gameplan now?”

But apparently she got “good vibes” from us so she came to church on Sunday to meet Elder Gervais, and brought a present: two 20-rupee chocolates…and a candle, and a small statue of Jesus hanging on a cross, because she thought we did prayer like that. Really well-intentioned, we suppose. (We hope she wasn’t just elaborately flirting with him.)

And (the most important part) we had a great lesson and got to bring a 32yo single sister church member who needs friends...and the best way to get one is to be one...


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