Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hyderabad, February 3

Another week passes by like a dream.

Usually my happiness is mostly driven by events that involve other peoples’ choices – Raju deciding to give up gutkha, Michael and his family deciding to get baptized, and so forth. Right now, not much big is happening on that front, but if I could somehow control for events caused by the decisions of those we teach, this might be one of the happiest times on my mission. Last week my companion and I worked really hard and then went on splits on Saturday and Sunday, and we got so much done, so we were really happy. This is basically constant over our entire time being together which makes us more happy. Mostly we are just happy to be together and so also generally productive.

We had a baptism on Sunday, a sister named Aradhana, her boyfriend/fiancé is on a mission and coming back in June and she finally moved to the city -- for work, but mostly so she could get baptized. She was waiting to be baptized for like 3 years so was really happy that she could finally get baptized. She has already read through the entire Book of Mormon and is going through the second time and understands everything already, so it's pretty fun meeting with her but we're a little confused because we don't know what we are supposed to do.

With love,

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Nohemi said...

Hi Sam,

We're glad to hear you are enjoying your mission. Congratulations for taking every opportunity it comes your way to work.
We're doing great. Looking for the opportunity to adopt some kids. Adam is a ward missionary, and I'm the Relief Secretary in our ward.
Keep up the great work!!!
We love you,
Adam and Nohemi Passey