Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hyderabad, February 9

All is well in Hyderabad. I’m pretty tired because I’m exhausted because Elder Gervais and I are running around like crazy people. It isn’t so much actual teaching as coordinating schedules, planning what to teach them, calling people and confirming, calling members to come with us and confirming them, following up with the things they say they will do, following up with the members about what happened to them, following up with each other about what happened when we were on splits with different church members, etc. But we had preparation day today, a conference tomorrow, and our interviews with President Nichols on Friday, so this should be a bit of a break from all this exhaustion.

Saw Elder Tuscano today for the first time since June. I miss that guy. I've changed a lot since I saw him last. Especially learning to be comfortable around people.

I don't really know what to say except that I'm tired, but happy, because I'm tired from doing lots of work and the work seems to be successful. The other elders came here from Vizek, Rajahmundry, ec including a bunch that served in my area. One of them, Elder Hatch whom I really respect, was telling me about all the people he visited and got to know well. He was telling me about one family and their struggle with their 6yo son who hasnt really learned to speak English and is having some problems in his studies. While I knew the family superficially, I certainly did not know that problem or other important, relevant details about the lives of others with whom I interact daily. Other elders spent the time which I for whatever reason, did not, and grew close with those families.

At the end of it all, there is a sense of finiteness; of the 24 hours a day which I have, no more or less than any other human being on the earth, and the vast number of worthy things with which I can use the time and the necessity to choose a few on which to focus; the sense that I can't do it all but I can work to do my part and hope and that others do theirs.

Hope all of you are well, so with love,

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