Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hyderabad, March 10

Life is pretty good in Hyderabad.

The main problem – if you can call it that – is that the more successful you are, the more work you have to do. For example, ten people that we’re teaching came to church on Sunday (on time; two more were late). That is really incredible – far more than any previous point in my mission, and probably due to how well Elder Gervais and I are getting along. But also it is a lot of work, because we still only have two bodies.
Right now I am over at a church member’s house. Elder Gervais is on the daughter’s laptop and I am on the computer. Actually the son Praveen will be leaving for Delhi soon – he is engaged to Elder Stephen’s sister, who lives in Delhi, and works as a cook at a fancy restaurant – and the daughter Sathyia will be going to Sunnyvale, about 20 miles from Palo Alto, where she will be pursuing her Ph.D. We came over for lunch so Praveen could show us how to make chicken biryani before he left. It was really cool so maybe I will try it on my own sometime. The ingredients seem pretty reasonable.

Yesterday we had a zone conference which was really good. A church authority came from Hong Kong to preside over the conference (they will send someone to our conferences like that about once a year or so). We thought we had to be in the city at 8:00 sharp so we set the alarm clock at 5 am and took the train into town (we had to get there 40 minutes early or be late due to train timings). I was able to take a nice nap on the couch at church though to make up for the time I didn’t get to sleep in my bed. The upside of this is that I got some time talking to the person who came – his name is Anthony Perkins – which was really neat. Actually he opened the Beijing office of McKinsey (Amrutha’s company) and definitely in the field I want to go into. He was talking how his professional career was guided by his refusal to work on Saturday and Sunday, so that he could go to church and spend time with his family, and how he got tons of heat for that. It was really interesting, and then we had a great conference, so that was good.

Well all is well and I should go so all the best, with love,

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