Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hyderabad, April 13

This week has been all right. I miss Elder Gervais a little bit but life goes on. Mostly I just miss the second voice that gives me advice when I don't know what we should do, that talks when I don't know what to say or how to say it, that calls people on the phone or makes me do it when I don't want to. Elder John is a really good guy, friendly, smart, hardworking, but he just doesn't have a lot of experience. Again, life goes on and I'm trying to be the best companion and help Elder John learn as much as I can.

What's new? There's the small things: the summer is making us sweat and our bike tires go flat quickly. My diet has changed - I'm now eating tiffins again (masala dosai, parotta, etc), I love eating them but Elder Gervais put his executive veto on it. Without external motivation, my morning exercises have slackened in intensity. I need to reverse that. We realized we had no idea what to do with the wheat bran that had been sitting in our freezer for 4 months so we threw it out this morning. I burned some brownies last Wednesday, I put in too much butter and when I put in the knife it came out buttery so I left it in the oven. (doh!)

There has been a reallocation of the small tasks. I keep forgetting to put the geyser on in the morning so I get cold showers. I do remember to put the phone on the charger though. We have a padlock for our door; Elder John takes care of locking and unlocking the door and keeping the lock in a predictable place. I usually boil the eggs in the morning (and turn the heat up gradually so they don't crack). I am doing a good job of making sure all the people who we need to call during the day (follow up with things they said they'd do, schedule appointments, etc), which is good.


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