Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hyderabad, June 8

A lot of things have happened this week but nothing neatly wrapped up in a bow to write you about. We started taking a couple of 13 and 10yo kids with us to some families we are teaching (they have kids the same age). We bug all the young single adult males to come with us all the time, so they're kind of sick of it. But Kevin and Calvin are actually way excited to come with us, they eagerly put on their white shirt and tie and jump on the back of our cycles or in share autos with us.

Of course, it makes complete sense - they probably never have any grown-up people other than their parents or their teachers at church pay attention to them, ask them questions, listen to their responses, or give them responsibilities. And we're Elders, which makes us (more-mature) BMOC. Also it helps parents of the family we're teaching get a vision for their family when they ask us about the story in the beginning of the Book of Mormon and a kid answers their questions. Kevin and Calvin are very mature, intelligent, and observant given their age and the parents can see a model for their children.

Not so much to write as I said but life is good.

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