Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hyderabad, May 18

Life is good. Elder John and I are doing well. Elder John is writing his friend and decided to test her by seeing if she is paying close attention to his e-mails. How? She asked what his birthday was, and he replied, "February 30."

This afternoon there was a wedding so we were attending, eating lunch and then playing table tennis and cricket. This morning we were studying the section in our manual on asking questions and we discovered that the effectiveness of the questions we ask. It was really interesting, an opportunity to reflect back on sixteen months of interacting with people and I found I actually learned a lot, the manual presented some situations like 'The person you're teaching faces opposition from colleagues at work' and I was able to think of the right way to ask questions to show genuine interest and understand what's going on without making the person feel uncomfortable.

Then we looked at the people we're visiting now and realized that the effectiveness of our questions is generally determined by the truthfulness frankness and seriousness of the person answering, which directly correlated with the strength of our relationship with them. Duh, but actually really helpful and interesting.

Probably being able to communicate the right way and ask the right questions in the right way is a large part of building a strong relationship in the first place. So a bit of a chicken and egg problem I guess.


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