Sunday, September 05, 2010

Coimbatore, August 22

You may be amused to know that I can almost solve a Rubix cube now. Elder Riley was in bed sick for three days with body pains so I made him teach me. It wasn't actually that hard but for some reason I never learned. There's still one move I can't do to finish it off but I'm almost there.

(He's better now.)

I don't have a lot to say because I was working on the school stuff and getting a personal statement ready for that application. Elder Riley and I have been talking a lot about hard work and smart work. I am really growing to admire him because he's a goofball and always making jokes but we're also able to have the serious conversations.

For example, something I often do is out of a desire to meet more people (=work hard), is to schedule impossible appointments -- too close to each other in time, figuring some of them will cancel. (You probably recognize this as part of my tendency to overbook myself, and I know that too, but it's quite a difference between understanding the problem and solving it.)

While the assumption that some of them will cancel is often true, Elder Riley and I were talking a lot about good faith and how we should be reliable -- if people aren't reliable in return that's their fault, not ours. It's hard because it's a tradeoff of quantity (number of appointments) vs. quality (peace, stressfree-ness, reliability).

We then got into a discussion of what makes us have our different attitudes toward work, and I think I found some principles that really helped me. I get a lot of stuff done because I am hard-working, which is good, but many times I am hardworking because I become unhappy and frustrated if I'm not working which is not a very healthy attitude towards life.

I would continue on the same topic but I have to go, we're going to a village called Semmedu to sightsee. So with love, your son,

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