Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coimbatore, September 27

I am doing pretty good this week. Elder Riley and I were separated for most of this week - he was in Bangalore for a leadership training meeting and I was here in Coimbatore and then in Erode. So he left last Monday morning and got back only on Friday morning.

He is a really good missionary and is very good at helping me to improve. These last couple days as we applied the things he was learning in Bangalore we had a lot of spiritual lessons with people we were meeting for the first time.

Erode is very hot, Chennai-like. I'm not sure what exactly causes the temperature differential -- the cities are only 60 miles away -- but I'm grateful to be in Coimbatore. Erode is a pretty nice place but I was sweating a lot for two days.

The other highlight of the week - an American in town on business named J. brought his entire office to the church on Friday. He's a programmer but writes books and music on the side. It was a little bit of a miracle of organization what happened actually. One of the local leaders received a call from him on Tuesday so they called us, so we called his office members (you know the problem with having a cell phone while visiting India) and got hold of him.

After a 15-minute phone conversation -- he called back from his computer, while we were on the main road and struggling to hear him, we just cancelled our evening appointment and met him at his hotel room to coordinate plans.

His songs are all themed on gospel themes, so we planned a recital combined with a church tour, laid out the order, schedule and expectations and planning in the hotel room. Then I went out of station to Erode for two days, and returned on Friday morning. Surprisingly and amazingly, we were able to coordinate refreshments, agenda, recital, tour, and everything and it worked beautifully.

The only, completely uncontrollable, problem was that the power kept going on and off, which presented two problems:

(1) It was 7:30 at night


(2) J. was singing on a mic and playing on an electric piano.

With love,

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