Sunday, November 21, 2010

Coimbatore, November 14

Dear mother,

Elder Prabhakar went off to Erode, so I'm with Elder Meservy now. It's going pretty good so far, he's pretty laid-back and generally quiet but flexible.

Spent last night running around and saying goodbyes with Elder Prabhakar. Spent the morning cleaning the apartment -- this time I actually got a sense of the order in which I should clean to be most efficient, so that was good.

We're busy also, no neatly tied up stories to tell. There's one family we started newly visiting; and it's amazing to see as we came to their house how easily love transcends language barriers.

Their names are V. and C., and their children are J. (4) and Ch. (0). They can understand half English but not reply well, I can understand a quarter Tamil but not speak. So they'll ask simple questions in mixed Tamil and English and I'll point them to something they can read in Tamil to answer their question. This family goes out together to the market, and whenever we're there in their actions and in the way they answer questions we can see their love for their children. Ch.’s teeth are coming in and when he starts crying I just make a pitch-pipe like humming sound and he becomes happy again. It's very funny.


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