Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coimbatore, November 21

Life is going pretty well, taking care of 50% more stuff is pretty interesting but it seems to be going well.

My main lessons this week are about how to organize stuff instead of doing it myself.

We need to help the wives of a couple of the families that we are teaching learn English. Instead of trying to do it ourselves, we realized that the branch president's wife Sh. and her mom M.C. were free all day and would be more than willing to help.

So we went over to S. and M., some members who knew the families we were teaching (V. and C., the one I wrote about last week) and explained the idea. Then we took S. and M. over to the branch president's house and together we explained the idea to Sh. Then we told Sh and V. and C. to come to church at the same time to meet each other. And now everything is set up nicely for this week and we just have to follow up with everyone.

Some new member families were saying they had a hard time understanding the scriptures so we gave the husband, wife, and adult children some reading tips, a journal and a dictionary and told them to write down what they understood. Then we just sat silently in front of them and watched magic happen. We did this one like three different times in three days with three different families.

I know some missionaries who are, for example, really good motivational speakers. This helps them to help people do some things that they didn't think were possible, like quitting drinking or smoking.

Personally, I'm not great at pep talks or encouraging people. Sure, I've learned to do it if need be. But my particular point of excellence seems to be getting people to read stuff and understand the ideas and apply them. So I do that the most.

The signs of coming home are creeping up on me but I'm having too much fun and so am doing my best to ignore them :) I will be happy to see you though.


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