Sunday, December 05, 2010

Coimbatore, November 28

Lots of cool stuff happened this week. We went to Chennai for a conference so I got to see a lot of people I knew well there. I met M. and H.,, the family I baptized with Elder Glade.

I also visited another guy named S. He's like 19. I knocked on his family's door with Elder Siyyadri, my second companion. This time I went back, and when we knocked on the door his mom and sister were confused – S. was outside -- but then they recognized me and they were way excited. They made nicknames for all the elders -- Obama, Giant, and so forth. Mine was "Sham." So they called S. and he came back.

Since I met him, S. seems like a new man. Way more confident; much better English, and some other things that are harder to describe. I could barely recognize him. He's planning to go on a mission after he finishes his college, which I was way excited to hear. (He's in his second year now.)

Also saw S.’s brother G. -- and he was still trying to avoid me. That was pretty funny. G. had gotten married to a sister named Sa. since I met him last. So I asked G. how he met Sa. -- it was a love marriage -- and he wouldn't tell me. Then G. left and I asked S. how G. met Sa., and S. said G. wouldn't tell him either. Funny guy.


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